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Monday, August 31, 2009

Little Boy at Childrens Hospital:

I dont remember when my postpartum depression was over. I only know that it took my mom, dad, grandma, kids, husband, a lot of work to get me well. My family hid anything negative from me. Gossip about me was handled without me knowing. Everyone was very careful around me so that I didn't get upset. Which is sad for them. Until one day when my husband, who doesn't ever say much, said you know this illness isn't just hard on you, its hard on all of us. I hated him for that. then. He was right, but the problem is we know how we are affecting people, family, kids, everything. That's one of the things that makes it even harder to get well. Your so full of guilt.

This is the time in my life when i learned that you do what you have to do. Especially when it comes to your kids. My little one started breaking out in a rash. At first the doctors thought it was the milk, she was still on formula. It started when I was at my moms.

Then the doctors said it was eczema. It kept getting worse. She looked like we had put her in a tub of boiling water. I bet we saw20 doctors. It was eczema. Finally went to childrens. At first they said eczema, gave us cream, meds. God this was horrible. She started losing her hair and was such a good little baby. She would get infections constantly and i would drive her an hour away at two and three in the morning for medical help. Children's hospital did a biopsy and she didn't even cry. We had to put her into bath, put wet pj's on her and then dry ones over them. And she would sleep like that every night. Well come to find out she had a rare psoriasis which meant that all of the advice, like keep her out of the sun. Was the exact opposite of what we should have been doing for the last year. More meds. more steroid cream. She could not take Tylenol or it would overload her liver? I think it was her liver. Anyway i was at the hospital and she had a fever and infections from her skin. I was watching the nurse and she was about to give her Tylenol. It is like slow motion, I literally flew over the bed and knocked it away from my babies mouth. I was seriously at the end of my rope. What was all of this doing? She was getting worse. And I had a hatred for most people which just isn't like me. They wouldn't talk to her, tried not to look at her, she had no friends. She was treated bad and you don't treat my kid bad. I became a bitch.

Which brings me to my title: We took her to children's hospital to get her biopsy and there were about 5 little kids in there. All of them were kinda backward. I could see that they all had different types of skin conditions. I sat down to play with my daughter and this little boy walked up slowly, I said hi, do you want to play with us? He shook his head yes and we played until they called us in. The thing they used to test her skin reminded me of a lighter in your car. Thats what it looked like to me. They probably made it numb, I cant remember. I just remember them putting it on her are and twisting. She still has a scar on her arm. Her skin looked burnt, welted, red, the sores would start little then just grow into eachother. She said she didnt feel it, she was about 1 or two by this time. It was gut wrenching to watch, its almost worse when they don't cry. Like I'm used to pain, what is there to cry about. Kids are so strong. And I've learned allot from her. Thank God it was a skin condition and not cancer. And God Bless every child and family who has an ill child.

When we were leaving I noticed the little boy and waved at him, his mom came over to me and kinda pulled me aside. She said "Thank you for talking to my little boy, its been a long time since someone has played and talked to him." What a shame that people are so mean. Trust me it could be your kid. I thought that was so sad.

I was brushing her hair one night and a clump came out. I just remember grabbing all of the meds, creams, everything, and throwing them away. The next day, she got into the bathroom cabinet, I went in there and she had all of this stuff rubbed all over her. I looked to see what it was. It was bag balm. She said "Mommy this feels good". So for the next week I smothered it in her from head to toe, even in her hair. We laid, that's all she could really do, and we watched "The Green Mile," and "How the Grinch stole Christmas" probably a hundred times. Guess what if you don't believe in miracles. Her skin was healed in one week. Bag Balm, and she found it. We still put it on her like once a month and she is 9. God what a miracle. You would never know she looked so bad. She was better, I was better. We were better. And what a blessing to have a healthy kid. She did get asthma out of the deal. They go hand in hand. She takes medicine for it but is a happy little girl and such a blessing in my life.



I just had to share this, although every since I've told my kids' this they tell me to wash my own windows often.
So on Joel Osteen the other day this is what he said; not word for word but....
There was this older woman and mad sitting in their kitchen and a new neighbor had just moved in that had several kids.
The older woman said "Can you believe that lady would send her children to school in those filthy clothes? She should be ashamed of herself" as they were watching the new neighbor hang clothes on the clothes line.
Everyday for days and days the older lady would get so mad, "Doesn't she know how to do laundry? That is just shameful."
"Those white clothes are brown" on and on.
So one day she called her husband at work and said "I'm sorry to bother you at work but you will never guess what happened. Our neighbor must have gotten some bleach or a new washer, or finally learned how to do laundry. She is hanging her clothes on the line and they are white, white. Just spotless. Can you believe that.?"

Her husband says no I can't but did you notice what I did for you this morning. She asked what. And he said "I cleaned our windows for you."
Point of the day: Clean your own windows. lol.

Months later;

The clearest memories were just living day to day. Trying to get through eachday. After months I did start doing a little more. Was the pain gone? Hell no! Was the pain worse? No. Thank God. I had succeeded in getting by that thirty percent chance of having more pain. It was a different pain now. And to this day. It is a dull everlasting pain. Always there. When the brace came off it was as if I had no muscles at all. Started taking muscle relaxers for a while also, which completely screwed me cause I would try to function and do things, get sore, take a pill, do more, get sore, take a pill. Looking back, wasn't giving myself a chance to build muscle. At that point though I was in a mode, a survival mode. I thought that they were kidding when they told me it would be three years before I could even start to live a somewhat "Normal" life. Three years was about right to function. But thats about it. It took about 5 years for me to feel like I had done the right thing. I wasn't afraid of pain, I can take allot of pain. I let the fear of having another surgery cripple myself. Not just my body, but my brain. You do your best, or atleast I hope that I did. We sold our house at this point and moved into a trailor. We were building another one. All of this writing has really made me realize when everything started. The anxiety, depression, sleep disorders. I remember staying up until 4 or 5 in the morning at the trailor. Still got up and got my daughter to school. Went through the whole day, never napped. Seems like I go from one extreme to another. I was defenitely getting depressed at that time and just didn't know what it was. I remember calling my parents and telling them that I couldn't breathe. Going out on the deck in the cold air to get a breathe. My dad even went as far as to see if I had a gas leak in my oven. lol. God. Started to isolate myself. Only went where I absolutely had to. Lived for my kids. And its amazing when your in this mode how you can come up with stuff to do with them, I had them all reading by age of 4. Did lots of stuff together. As long as it was in my comfort zone. I even had a brand new house to look forward too, our dream house. I was just depressed, and come to think of it now, this is when the breathing and anxiety started.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Message for the day!

I don't care if you lick windows,
take the special bus or occasionally pee on yourself.
You hang in there, sunshine –you're friggin' special.
Every sixty seconds you spend angry, upset or mad,
is a full minute of happiness you'll never get back.
Today's Message of the Day is:
Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.
Life may not be the party we hoped for,
but while we're here, we should dance.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The start of Depression? Back surgery: Pure Hell

Walked in and my mother-in-law had chicken made. She had come from out of state. I just thought I was hungry. I still remember trying to eat it so she didn't think I was rude. God I still have a hard time eating chicken. Had a water bed which was out of the question for my doctor. Had to get a mattress. It was still laying on my bedroom floor. Went to sleep in my daughters room. Which in hindsight was a good thing. I think she kept me from going crazy. My mom was watching my son, the one year old. She brought him to see me everyday. He didn't want much to do with me. But, when I was making the decision to have the surgery, I planned it knowing what was going to happen. I knew that he wouldn't remember me not being able to take care of him because he was so young. Still bothers me to this day, I would never not have my kids. Completely broke my heart but I was in it now. It was what it was I guess. Just kept thinking that it won't be long. Little did I know.

Laying in bed a few days later and I was sure that my rod had broken. The pain in my back was already unbearable, what did I do? The pain was getting worse, called doctor. He said that I needed to give a urine sample so that he could see where the infection, fever, pain were coming from. There was no way in hell that I was going to make it back to the doctor. I had a great idea, there was a clinic just up the road from me. Called him back and he let me just send one up to it. I had a bladder and kidney infection.

Lying there day after day after day. My daughters room was pink. Walls were getting closer and closer to me. My grandma was watching my little girl. She was always such a good kid, until she turned Anyway, I couldn't take it anymore, called and had them send her to me. I let her sleep with me. Which really made everyone upset. But she was so good about it, I still call her my little pillow. She would lay against me, never hurt me. I was supposed to have a pillow in the back of me but i used her instead. It was so good to have her home.

Finally got to the front room and was sitting on the couch. My husband, mother-in-law and little girl with me. My mother-in-law, out of the damn blue says, you know she, my little girl, doesn't mind very well, she reminds me of ......, her youngest son. She said I never really liked him when he was her age. I flipped a cork. Really screwed myself too cause she was the one who was supposed to take care of me while my husband was working. I told her "Well if you don't like my kid, then you dont like me. And you can pretty much get the hell out!" She left the next morning. I didn't care she was mad anyway and I had only seen her a few times in our marriage.

I learned from that cause she put me in so many bad situations and I was trying to just get through each day. I could not take a shower alone. The doctor said that I couldn't, that if the soap even slipped and I went for it just out of a natural reaction, it would ruin everything cause I couldn't wear my brace in the shower. So I called my mom when I took showers. It was embarrassing enough with her. I barely new my mother-in-law, I wanted my mom in there with me. But it pissed her off and she would pout the whole day. Showers took hours. Or it seemed like it. I dont remember them having chairs for showers then. I have one now but that would have been like heaven. oh well.

I feel bad for writing this part because everyone was doing something; My husband was working, mom was taking care of youngest, but I remember lying there wondering were the hell everyone was. I would get so stiff, waiting, waiting, for someone to roll me over. They had cut muscles of course, and a nerve. I couldn't and still cant feel anything on the right side of my bellybutton. When my daughter needed something to drink, I would go into a mode. Had to do it. I would go to the frig, sit down on the floor with a cup and just tip the milk and pour it into the cup cause i was too weak to lift the milk. Hindsight: could have gotten a smaller thing of milk.

I can remember this day like it was yesterday; Well actually it was probably a month of days like this. My dad was putting a helipad in at the clinic I mentioned. Very small town. I could here his equipment running. Would wait for that sound of it shutting down. I knew that he was coming to roll me over. Listened for his foot steps coming down the sidewalk, it seems stupid but to get rolled felt so good. I was stuck in one position until someone would roll me.

I waited for little things, seeing my babies, my work-a-holic husband to get home, the next pain pill, which were taken after a month and I was given tylenol. yea they really helped. not.

I held grudges at the time. Where was everyone???? I guess they didn't like to see me like that. People just don't understand.

I remember a girl coming by that I knew but we weren't close at all. It was so nice. My mom was having a fit because she brought her kids and they were always afraid one of them would bump me or that I wouldn't be thinking and try to hold one of them. But it helped me. My grandfather came with his wife, brought me flowers from her garden, God that made my day, they were beautiful. One of my aunts came over on her lunch break and shaved my legs. My grandma and other aunt brought me a home-made milkshake. Those are the only ones that I remember.

I was still sending my daughter to my grandmas everyday, but she would come home at night. Thank God.

Month after month went by. I was moving but still dependent on everything for everyone. By moving I mean someone would get me up and I would walk around my house. I think this is when I started going into depression. I didn't care if I took showers, if I ate, if I made it through the damn day. I was making it for my kids. That's it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here comes depression; First 3 sugeries

Well the first two were not bad. C-Section, then I got my appendix removed. The third one; My back surgery forever changed the person I am or have to be.

When I was around 12 my spine started to curve; I don't remember but maybe two days even in school not being in pain. I tried not to let it get the best of me. I played volleyball, basketball, some track, was a cheerleader. They actually found my scoliosis during a sports physical. God that was a long time ago. I did you to the doctor but they said that I didn't need a brace because the curvature wasn't bad enough. Big relief for me, cause I was a kid and wanted to play my sports. I can't remember ever even taking a Tylenol back then. Which isn't the case now. Anyway, as I had my babies, my spine curved more with each kid. The pain became unbearable. I was about 22 with two kids and went to several doctors. Every time they said that I needed surgery. This was not an easy decision though. Who was going to take care of the babies, me, everything. I used to do so many things, loved sports, loved allot of things.

Finally went to childrens hospital where there was a doctor that everyone said was the best and I was able to make an appointment with her. She said that I needed surgery and they were talking about a new type of back surgery where you go through the stomach to place the rod. I left so confused. We had no insurance, it was going to be like 80,000 and so I would have to try to get some help. Overwhelming.

I decided to go to several more doctors to find one that would absolutely not do a surgery unless it had to be done. I didn't need a friend, didn't care if they had bed side manners, just needed someone straight to the point. Its weird how i was thinking when I went to each one. I didn't judge them but I was looking for someone who wasn't too young, too old. Not to be rude just wanted someone with experience but yet knew of the new procedure that they were saying I needed. After several months of driving two kids an hour from our house to the closest doctors I found a doctor who had the reputation of never doing a surgery unless it had to be done, especially back surgeries.

Went into his office, he came in and wasn't real friendly, kinda seemed overloaded? He looked at my x-rays and told me that if I didn't have surgery I would be in a wheelchair at 30. Not allot of options there, I had two babies to raise. I was told that the surgery would be approx. 6-8 hours, two weeks at least in the hospital, they couldn't guarantee that my pain would go away and that it was a good possibility I could have more. I thought that was impossible at the time. I had like a 30 percent chance of being paralyzed. And remember feeling well compared to the pain I'm in i don't care. Would not be able to care for myself for a long time. In fact before they did the surgery my whole family had to go down and agree to take care of me for a long time. Like a year. I could not lift more than a gallon of milk for months and would be in a brace for six months. Some of my times may be off a little its hard to remember that long ago. This is when I started fearing everything.

They decided to go through my stomach or side. I guess this was the best option for me because I was curving but also my body was turning or twisting. I have a scar from the right side of my bellybutton, clear around the side of me , and it ends at my spine towards the middle. Big scar.

I was scared, and really was never the same. I wonder if all the time I was under anesthesia didn't help so much.


Seriously, I wanted to die. The pain was unbearable and why didn't someone stay at the hospital with me? I had an iv in my neck to pump pain medication in me when I pushed the button. I kept pushing it. Over and over. No relief. I tried to call the nurse but whoever cleaned my room forgot to put the call button thing on the bed where I could reach it. I didnt have a thing on the bed it was one of those big things they attached to the beds where you push the button. I couldn't move. I couldn't role on my own. I would wait for someone to walk down the hall at night and yell help, help me, please someone come in here. I need help. Finally a nurse came in and I told her I was soaking wet, needed to be changed, and that the pain was unbearable. She said it was from post surgery and to push button as much as needed. I pushed it all night. Was soaked again, and again.

I looked and saw the phone called the doctor, I was a total bitch by then. He came in and shit hit the fan. So glad I picked him.... Come to find out the iv had slipped out and was going down my hospital gown all night. Thats why I was so soaked. He went nuts. And I got pretty good care after that. I just wonder how much I had messed myself up trying to get the call button . Not having pain medication after that horrible surgery.

They had to deflate one of my lungs, which never fully got any better, I had tube going to my lungs to get fluid out, bag on me so i didn't have to get up to go to the bathroom. God it was horrible.

My husband brought my 1 year old and 3 year old in to see me. My baby wouldn't even look at me. Broke my heart. I remember these kids, they were bringing this thing in to stretch me it looked like one of those things that you lay on and turn yourself upside down to stretch you back. I wasn't having that; no chance. I didn't care, I already felt like my back was going to collapse. They fused three or four vertebrae and took one of my ribs to fuse onto my back where they had put several screws in me. Thats why I was in a cast for so long, needed time to grow around my rod and make its own bone. I can remember my mom being there and she kept saying, please be nice, be nice. After that first night though, hell I dont know if it was the first, second, third. I was in a self protect mode.

I kinda screwed myself by trying so hard not to hurt myself. when i called the doctor and told them that I wasn't getting on that thing, he said ok, but it is used to get you used to standing so that when we fit you for the brace you wont pass out because you haven't been out of bed for so long that its going to be tough for you to stand that long. I told him I could do it. lol.

To guys come in to fit me for my brace; back then they were like braces that you get put on when you break your arm or leg. Hard, the ones that you write on. I dont know what they use now. I stood up and they started wrapping wet stuff around, around, around, I was getting light headed. They said hold on we are almost done, I knew I was going to pass out. Just kept hearing them say hold on and wrapping faster and faster. Yea next thing i know, I hear, Shes going. Done. I passed out. But they did get done. God that brace was heavy, I could take it on or off, kept it for years, threw it away. Wish I had it now.
It was time to go home; I was scared, I had had allot of nurses and doctors taking care of me. What now?
Drove home in my moms van; Laying on the seat in the back. Crawling to get back there cause I couldn't bend. Was wishing I would just die there. I was so hungry which was weird, remember telling them, and they just kept getting me home. Had to stop and get meds. GOD, why dont they just call those damn things in! The trip home was about two hours, every bump felt like I was getting hit in the back with a hammer.

I have tucked all of the pain inside for so long, but almost made me afraid to do anything the last 20 years for fear I would have to have another one. Completely dependent on everyone else for everything I did. Showers, they had to roll me, feed me, everything. Everyone was doing there best I'm sure. They told me to never ski, ride horses, anything that would push or impact my back. I was a kid though, well allot younger than now. I let the fear completely control my life. I know several people who have had this surgery and it didn't work so they had a second, third, fourth. I just can't.


What the hell is going on??

I was on yahoo reading questions this morning. Why are all of these 12-18 year old so full of anxiety and depression. Begging for help. And although I know about all of this crap, its uncomfortable to answer. What if you say the wrong thing? Shouldn't they talk to their parents? I am in a pretty small town and in the last two months three families that I know have had someone commit suicide. Not in this town but family members out of town. from kids to supposedly happy adults. I'm sure that some of you live in big cities and I hear about most everything here in this town, but is the suicide rate going up right now or am i just now hearing about it. I worry about the kids I was reading about today. And most of it was over going back to school for Gods sake. I don't know. I'm confused

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Waking up in anxiety attack

Woke up this morning with my stomach going in circles. Kinda like when you ride a roller coaster. Its scary when you wake up with these. I thought that I heard something in my house but had my German shepherd right next to me and she was fine. I knew I was just hearing things. But I was like frozen in fear. Where your so scared your body freezes. Ok what do I do. Breathe, I had to tell myself.Because what I do is hold my breathe. Took me a long time to realize that I can stop these attacks by breathing. So I'm sitting here at 3a.m. writing this down so that I don't forget what I'm feeling. I have to get up kinda the flight mode where you want to run. But i tell you, If you do get up when you have them it gives you time to remember to get your breathing under control. And there is just no sense in laying in bed going through this. Try not to think too much. Although, I was just thinking about my dreams. I remember them, I was dreaming that I was going on these rides and getting sick to my stomach. So something was bothering me. Its like when you dream that you hurt your hand and you wake up and your hand is numb from sleeping weird on it. I do not have anxiety attacks as bad as I used to and allot of it is just the knowledge of what they are and what to do with them. I knew that I was getting nervous last night. I have so much to do today. I usually only do a couple things a day that are extras. Like when I pay bills. Some people get really bad anxiety attacks when they pay bills. So here is what I have learned to do. Instead of paying them all at once. I will do one or two a day. Get them done and stop. I try to make doctor appointments between me and my daughter only one a month if that. I make sure she gets hers. Mine are kinda a waist of my time after fifteen years theres not much more they can tell me. They just have to see me because of my meds. I take citalopram for depression. I think that's a generic. It is supposed to have an anxiety helper in it. And alprazolam, generic for xanax, for anxiety. I know what they say about xanax but its the only thing in the last fifteen years that lets me function. So many people have problems with the meds. When people call me i ask them what meds they are on and they say, well I was feeling better so I went off of them. OMG I have done that out of pure guilt several times. I really do think that some people can take them for a half a year and not need them anymore. Not me. Been there done that. And the guilt was causing me so much anxiety so I had to make a choice, I have a family, finally found what works and may be on them for the rest of my life. Its worth it to be able to function on a day to day basis. If I can get off of them someday that would be great, if not then that's fine too. I have to think like that. Its not those of us who have anxiety attacks that really have a problem with the meds. Well I think we all have some self guilt. But its also our family, husbands, etc. saying you don't need meds to get through this. How do they know? Have they ever had one.????? Do what you need to do for yourself because being able to just function is probably your goal if your going through alot of them right now.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Do you ever feel like your body doesn't recognize being excited over something or being anxious. I start to get excited about something in my life and have a damn anxiety attack over it. Everyone is happy, sad, has one emotion or another. It seems when you have anxiety you body can't tell whether its a good emotion or a bad one. Maybe its just me.... My little one is starting school here in a week or so. I'm starting the WHAT IFS again. Have to stop it. OK maybe I will just take some deep breaths. lol. My son is going to IRAQ in a few months and I cant tell you what thats doing to me. I'm very proud of him. And very proud to be an American. But it litterally makes me sick to my stomach. Oh some good news today. I know you thinking really? She only writes about depressing things. lol. I took a bike ride today and didnt even get a flat tire. I got my bumm out of bed and worked in the yard, went to see my parents, called some friends, played some game with my older kids. They whipped my butt. Played with my grandbaby. Thats about all it takes for me to have a good day. Just little things. Oh and my favorite word for the week is WHATEVER If I dont like what someone is saying or they are trying to get me stressed out i just say WHATEVER. Actually, it worked and kinda makes them mad. But whatever.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Putting Anxiety to Rest for now

I just want to say a few more things about anxiety, then I will stop on this subject. But please, If anyone reads this and is wondering if I have felt what your feeling, or any questions about my experiences please just ask.

I guess what I have probably learned the most from anxiety attacks and when I get them in my life is that they are a signal for you to take a breathe and slow down. Literally. But really maybe it is just your bodies way of telling you slow down, take a breathe, I'm tired.

I think that an anxiety attack can happen without warning and usually do with me. If it is happening when you are sleeping its really scary. My doctor called it "Busy sleeping" which I guess means even though you are trying to sleep you are still thinking. I used to add my checkbook up in my sleep, make a list of crap I had to do the next day, even make my bed while I was asleep. Well I thought I was. It was a bunch of little stuff, but I was amazed at how accurate i was with my checking account. lol

I still have problems with change; I hate change and really need to work on that. It freaks my system out. I hate appointments or something that I have to do and usually still cancel although not near as much.

I've learned that sleep is so very important. And yea I've went through those times where I didn't sleep for days. It sucks. I do take something to sleep, I have to, if I don't get sleep my depression and anxiety go crazy.

You cant die from this awful crap. Although you feel like you are. Even if you pass out. I asked my doctor what happens when you pass out, do you die. She said that no actually your brain resets and its actually better when you come too. Although I would never pass out if I had the choice and its hard for that to make you feel better when you are driving your kids around.

SO you have to breathe and what happens is something to do with when you hyperventilate you are exhaling too much carbon dioxide compared to the amount of oxygen that you have in your blood stream . That's why they put a bag over your mouth. Although some think this might be more dangerous now. I still cant do that but i will cup my hands over my mouth and nose then take in ten deep breaths. While I'm doing that I try to slow down my breathing.

Ask your family if they had or have it. They will probably say no cause you cant talk about it I guess, like it makes you a weak person, but I bet one of them do. Also, with depression. My mom told me one day "I think you need an anti-depressant" I said well how would a person know. She said well I'm on them. I proceeded to tell her that It would have been very helpful to know that years ago. lol. I never knew it. Like I said I guess they think its a weakness.

I still want to just take off and flee when I have one; Its like you just want to jump out of your body or start running away. Its normal. Although it sucks. I pace allot too. And my family can tell when I'm getting anxious because I will talk allot. Fast, and mix up my words. They don't know that I'm doing that just to mess with them. lol. Not really

Something that was really painful to me although I am getting a handle on it was the burning in my chest. It felt like something was just burning right through me from the inside. I was told by my doctor that it is the acid in your stomach, It comes up your chest and that's why it burns. I think I used to carry mylanta. I think that's what I used to carry in my purse. might want to check on that before using for the burning in your chest. lol.

I had a huge fear of dying, it controlled my life. I fear others dying also. After getting blood clots and really almost dying that fear has somewhat went away. And for those of you who believe in God, I have to say, when you feel completely overwhelmed, just tell him to take all of your worries, it is in his control. And like my uncle and God father told me, "When you say it you have to actually let him" I still catch myself saying it then the next day start my crap again and try to be in control of everything.

If you let people know what you are going through I promise you will find someone who is too and is just probably embarrassed to say it. which i have no idea why. I don't care I just tell them now. But I had to get to that point. It used to be so important for me for people to understand what I was going through. But you really cant think like that or your just setting yourself up for a let down. How could they if they haven't had one? And do they really even care? I don't know. It took along time for me to get to the point where if someone doesn't understand. Oh well. If they dont care, then they aren't worth having around. You dont need someone to even understand if you can just find someone who will let you talk and listen. I swear to God that took them right away with me if someone would just listen. If you cant find someone then I will listen.... Just have to tell me.

The "What ifs" Oh my God did I do this. Everything was well what if, what if, what if. Well after doing this with my doctor for over an hour she turned it on me. She would say well what if. What is the worst, very worst thing that can happen. Start asking yourself that. Its good. Well what if my house isnt clean. Umm nobody comes here anyway. Well what if I die. Umm you die. That one is still hard for me. Well what if she doesn't understand and they think I'm crazy. Well then screw them. Maybe they are the crazy ones. lol.

And last; Your going to get better. You are. You just have to sort your life and figure out what makes them worse, better, how to breathe, the right medications (If you believe in medication),
find good people who make you feel good. Seriously, it takes time but it does get better. Try not to over think everything, which i still do from time to time. When your up in the middle of the night don't sit there and think about stuff. Do a crossword, watch a movie, something that will take you mind off everything that you don't control anyway. And I'm sorry if this offends anyone but once in a while you have to just say F it. Maybe for a whole day. whatever it takes. Thank you for letting me go on and on. I hope that I have helped even one person. And I will make posts on anything else that I forgot to mention, things that may help you, or when I have another damn anxiety attack. Talk to you tomorrow. lololol. Just kidding

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I wanted to die; but God took her instead

I overheard my mom talking on the phone one day. She was telling someone how tired she was and didn't feel good. She was on oxygen and I was sitting there letting her take care of me and my kids. I don't think she would have had it any other way. So I called my grandma and was crying hysterically, I told her she had to take me to my house. Well I pretty much begged. I can't believe how I just called and wanted them to be right there for me. Guess that's what you do when you are desperate. I really wouldn't have cared if I just laid there and died if I didn't have my kids. She stayed with us for about a half a year. Yea this crap doesn't just go away. My grandma was my best friend from the time I was little. She was an angel from heaven. The best person you would ever meet. I would watch her bathe, dress, play, sing, feed, etc. my little one. Just watch her. She was like sixty. I knew she would never not take care of them. I can remember looking down from my bedroom in the middle of the night and watching her feed and rock her to sleep. I felt guilty, but not enough to go take my baby. This wasn't like me. I always had my kids in my arms. When she left, my safe person was leaving. I felt so overwhelmed. But it may have been what I needed. I don't know. I pretty much followed her to her house which was fifty minutes away and would stay for weeks at a time. She never said anything, but thinking back I bet she wished she could just get a break. One of the worst things ever in my life was when she died three years ago. I tried so hard to be strong, I didn't want to go down again. But I couldn't be strong. I would just like to have one more conversation with her. I tried to pay her back for everything by taking care of her when she was sick. And you know how people say that they love you..... but you know they are full of shit. She loved me and she loved my kids. I only hope that someday I will get the chance to help someone like she helped me. And guess what I am taking care of my daughter, I'm getting healthier, and yes I'm still on meds. Don't think I will ever go off of them again. I've tried out of guilt from others. I've pretty much decided that addicted or not I'm going to be on this medication forever. Although, I'm so happy for those of you who can take it for a few months then go off. I think that's how its supposed to work. I don't know.

Broken- Still at my moms

I was a thirty years old bent down laying on my moms lap asking her to kill me. Like she would of. She just went along with it. I was so much work. I was so sick. She would get so mad at me practically force feeding me. I still could go without eating. My weight just kept going down, and you know what I didn't care. Thank God they cared. I would lay there and just watch my mom take care of my baby, my teenagers, thats all I cared about deep down. Who does that? I did. My dad used to ask me to play cards with him. I still remember how my brain wouldn't work. Everything was so hard to do. But he just kept it up, even when I didn't want to. You know just someone taking time to play cards with you; made a huge difference.

In my mind I had nothing to look forward to. Even though I had a baby there. I would wonder what I was even doing here. And you really do feel like a burden. My parents used to say look at this and have me look out the window at this and that. Like I cared. But they kept going, didnt give up on me. Its a good thing cause I'm sure I would have just layed there and let myself fade away.

My husband took me to the emergency room one night. I wanted to be put into a damn hospital. I went to a therapist one time and the first thing she told me was that if she felt like my kids were in danger she would have to report it. WHAT? I remember that and I was a good mom up to now, I made sure I was at my moms so they would be taken care of. I shut down. I couldn't think clearly, what If I said something wrong?? Back to the hospital, sorry, I jump around so much when I write. So I'm at the hospital and I tell the doctor that I've got postpartum depression, I explain everything. I was trying to tell him that I need help. They send a lady in to evaluate me. She said "Are you thinking about harming yourself or anyone else?" I said "NO, but I want to die." She said she was sorry but unless I had a plan or had considered how I would harm myself or someone else they couldn't help me. What a bunch of crap. Although, almost ten years later, I'm sure they all were just doing their jobs. I didn't have insurance so everyone I called either needed insurance or we made too much money to get help from them. Didn't have enough money to get help, on and on and on.

Your mind is so powerful. But when you think you've lost it, your broken.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Anxiety attacks II- Other peoples' problems and you

If you read my first post on my first anxiety attack you know i left off with hospitals etc.

If you dont take care of yourself you cant take care of anyone else!!

This really affected my day to day life. I was scared to death to leave the house or be out of a "safe zone" found ways to get stuff done through magazines, mail, phone. Really screwed me up. My doctor was an hour away so needless to say I cancelled allot of appointments am ashamed to say lied about the reasons I couldn't make it. God forbid if it was snowing. But I did take notice when I went somewhere at how everyone was just moving on with their lives. Seemed like they didn't have a care in the world. Which looking back they all had problems but I was too focused on getting home. I have realized allot of things that really made me worse.

I was a perfectionist; Had to give that up. I would go on and on about how my house wasn't clean enough. I remember my doctor asking me what would happen if it isn't clean besides the fact that it drove me crazy. I said "Well what if someone comes by and its not clean" and what she said to me stuck. She said " Well if they are coming by to see how clean your house is and not to see you, do you really want them to even come by?" She was right. I still struggle with this until my body starts getting sick then I have to take a step back and knock it off.

My family used to say that if I don't have something to worry about, I will find something. They said you worry about the neighbors dog and they don't even have one. Really pissed me off when they said that. For years i was getting phone calls from people who were fighting with their spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, they were broke, tired, sick, etc... I would worry about them all night long, no sleep. Then would have an anxiety attack over their problems. This is hard for me because I truly want people to be happy. Some people gossip or get a kick when someone has trouble it makes me sad for them. But I wasn't really in a position to have all of this negativity in my life..

The day I decided to change was when one of my friends called late one night and said that her husband was going crazy, the kids were crying, they were fighting, on and on. I was sick all night about it. So first thing in the morning I called her. She sounded so happy and said that everything was fine. That was it. This wasn't the first time. I had to worry about my own crap. And told her that. This was a breaking point for me I spoke, Let it out.

The best thing I think that I have ever done when It comes to anxiety and depression was to just tell people. Stop the excuses of why I cant go somewhere with them, or don't feel like it. Why I haven't taken a shower in days. I learned how to say NO. And after a couple of times it was so easy. Just no. It takes so much time and energy trying to explain yourself that you just get worse.
It's all about them and what you cant do for them. Well you have to get a little bit selfish, which was really hard for me. But it made a huge difference in my health.

The amount of phone calls I would get say " Um.... This is so and so, and I heard that you have anxiety attacks and depression," they would start crying,"I can't take this anymore. I have never told anyone about this but I am depressed or having anxiety attacks. What do I do?" People who I would have never guessed. Rich, poor, it didn't matter. To be honest It made it a little bit harder for me cause i would get anxiety over their anxiety. But if you can find someone to just listen, not give you advice, just listen, you have it made. It helps so much. I found that my doctor was kinda like my therapist; She just listened. It was so much help. You probably wont believe this but, I'm pretty good at picking people out of a crowd that are depressed or have anxiety attacks.





First Anxiety Attack

If you haven't had one then its like if you haven't had a baby; shouldn't say anything

It was my first day at a new job. I had just ate a piece of pizza for lunch. Withing a couple of seconds my chest started burning, it went up through my throat. I started sweating and in my mind at first I thought that the pizza had poisoned me. I get up and go into my boss' office. There were two of them sitting there. I told them something was wrong. That I thought I was having a heart attack! One of them started taking my pulse. He said "Your pulse is good" oh like i cared about my damn pulse. The other one took off and went to get my husband.

We were on the way to the doctor and I swear to God I can remember looking up at the sky and praying. I was asking God to take care of my kids and telling my husband things to do when I died so the kids would be taken care of. I go into the office and they put me in a room on a bed. By now my whole body was numb and I was getting ready to pass out. This nurse takes my vitals and said they were all good. I told my husband to find someone who new how to take vitals. The doctor came in and checked me out. I kept wondering what the H was wrong with them. They seemed to be moving pretty slow... Then the nurse tried to put a bag over my mouth. What the H? Great now they were trying to kill me. I couldn't really freak out because I was dying and numb and having a heart attack all at the same time!! The only blessing that came out of this day is that I found my doctor; I have went to her for the past 15 years now.

Anyway, I thought she was nuts that day too. She told me that I have severe anxiety; she asked my husband if it was necessary that i work. I thought she was quite harsh with him. I'm glad she was now cause it helped him to understand it somewhat. As much as you can when you don't have them. So got medication and went home. They completely misdiagnosed me. I was still dying. Had anxiety attacks over and over again that day. For nothing. I didn't even have to think to have one. I was laying on the couch and couldn't breathe, started tingling, went completely numb, started crying.And do you know what my husband said to me? "Breathe" yea like I'm not trying to.?

My husband took me to another emergency room. I was thinking don't worry about me or rush on my account, I'm just dying that's all. Same diagnosis. I did find it kinda weird that once i got to a hospital I felt better. We did this for days. Maybe only two seemed like a hundred. I could not stop having them. I wanted to die at this point. So I went back to the first doctor. She explained to me that I wasn't dying and that I couldn't die from these. I needed to learn how to breathe. That it was impossible to have an anxiety attack if you breathe right. And that I need to take care of myself.

I'm sorry but this is so funny to me now. I know that when you are going through them its the most horrifying thing in the world and not funny at all. And I will still have them if I'm not careful. I just had one yesterday; I though my nephew took off out of my fence, I couldn't find him, felt myself going numb and remembered to breathe as i was running and screaming his name. oh, he was hiding in my daughters closet. lol. They are truly the worst thing I think I've experienced. Still on meds for them.

So lesson I've learned BREATHE , LAUGH ABOUT IT OR CRY WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO; YOU CANT DIE FROM ANXIETY ATTACKS; 5 OPINIONS COSTS ALLOT OF MONEY; nurses aren't trying to kill you when they put a bag over your mouth.

How did I get like this???

It about four in the morning. Can't sleep. Starting to write about all of this stuff has really brought back memories. I don't know if that is so good. I was just wondering when and how I started changing. I don't remember ever not being in pain. Well there was one day that I didn't have any and I called my parents. I told them this is what people feel like when they don't have pain all of the time. I was informed that everyone has pain somewhere. But I have actually met people who don't have pain. I had scoliosis at like eleven, it just got worse every year. Yes, I'm one of those girls who got married at 16. Not recommend but I'm still married, so we have done something right. I had my first baby at seventeen. I wasn't depressed then, I can remember being happy and full of life. Had my second kid at 20. Wasn't depressed then. So I guess it started after my back surgery. I was about 21. That surgery is a whole other story. OMG, I don't know if I could do that again. Although its bound to happen. OK not thinking about that right now. I think it was the year that I spent in bed, completely dependent on someone for everything. Had my first anxiety attack at25 will never forget that. Its kinda funny now, although I would rather have another surgery than have them all of the time. I have to tell you that story in my next post. I was so full of life what the H happened to me? Went nuts at 30 when I had my third unexpected baby, which come to find out was a huge blessing my life. But the postpartum depression sucked. I am functioning now and healthier than I've been in ten years but its been a struggle. I think stress will kill you. lol. not really funny. Recently, well 3 years ago, had to move to lower elevation after building our dream home. This was all due to me getting blood clots and I cant breathe at higher elevation. That made my husband happy. not. So starting over. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? I'm sure that is true but I need some strength fast. The crazy thing is I'm pretty sure that people just try to stress me out. They are like oh she feels good today lets mess with her. Everyone is tired of me always having a surgery, depression, anxiety; I wonder if they think I enjoy it? Oh and I'm a grandma now. I love that baby. I swear to God if everyone could just act like kids do. They enjoy everything. The little things. The lesson I've learned after I was given 10 minutes before I was put on life support for blood clots. Making it through it and still kicking;


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I call them safe people; I had maybe three when I was going through depression and anxiety attacks at 25. Then again at 30 with postpartum depression. They all had there own little areas in my life. One of them was my "safe person" to take me to the doctor. Another I would need to be around all of the time or I would actually get more anxious. And so on....... I wasn't independent at all!!!!!!!!!! And my kids were huge in functioning everyday. which was unfair to them. But if I didn't have my kids around me I felt completely empty. Its kinda funny cause if you dont have them around you its bad but when they are around you, all you want is a few minutes alone. I know sounds crazy. My husband always tells me im still like that. If they arent here I miss them. If they are I need a break.? Or they drive me nuts after like thirty minutes. lol. This only includes the 23 and 21 year old. My nine year old doesnt get on my nerves yet. lol. I have a dry sense of humor and as I keep writing you will see that I find myself funny. Most people dont. I dont know what to tell you. I guess either you think some of the things I write will be funny or you wont. Something all of this has taught me



My mom always told me that I didn't have allot of friends because I didn't want them. To some degree she was right. Its not that I didn't want friends I'm just picky. This comes through experiences I guess. Most of my friends were phone friends. I talked on the phone with them a few times a week or some of them everyday, but would go for months or years without seeing them. I didn't like leaving the house. I was busy raising kids, and cleaning house.... But when I got the postpartum depression I found out just who my friends were or weren't. The people that I thought would truly care and help me were nowhere to be found. Didn't understand, or I guess i will try to be fair and say that some people just don't know how to respond to people who are sick. A few people just showed up and called everyday. It was definitely a one-way ed friendship i had nothing to give and wasn't interested in anything they were going through. I was at the point that i didn't care. I was just trying to function everyday. There was a total of probably four girls who took me under their wing. They had there own families, and I didn't see them allot but they called constantly and actually helped me just by having them. Guess what, only two of them were friends that I had actually ever hung out with or knew real well. That's the way it goes I found out that you really only will have a few good friends in your life, or I will and that doesn't include my family members who were there because without my family i don't know how i would have ever gotten through all of this. I lived for my kids. Thats it. Eventually you learn that you have to live for yourself also. This is something that I have really had to work on. I held grudges for a long time. But you know what that only makes you worse. I have to tell myself GET OVER IT! AND BE THANKFUL FOR THE PEOPLE THAT YOU DO HAVE IN YOUR LIFE.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Postpartum Depression I- Guilt

I'm laying here looking at my nine year old. shes beautiful and truly a blessing from God. and I wonder how I could have ever literally shrieked inside when she cried. I never wanted to hurt her or was mad at her it was just this feeling like someone was scratching a chalkboard when she would cry inside of me. I kept it to myself. I was sooo ashamed of having that feeling. I remember telling someone that i couldnt stop crying. I wish i could remember who. But she said, "Well maybe its time that you did cry. Just cry." I dont know why that helped me but it did. It was like someone was giving me the permission to cry. I didnt even know what the ....... I was crying for. And it was a cry like i had never done before. It came from my gut. It seemed like it lasted for ever, but looking back the crying probably only lasted a couple of weeks, maybe a month.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Others' reactions hit hard

I cant tell you how many people told me "You have to just fix your brain," or, "Its all it your head." Well yeah! thats obvious. "You have everything in the world" "What could you possibly be depressed about?" I was so sick and tired of hearing that. Obviously if we knew what was wrong we would fix it. The problem is that we dont know what is wrong. It has nothing to do with what you do or dont have in my opinion. I think it can hit anyone. It doesnt matter if you are living in a mansion or a hotel. Depression can hit anyone. But if they havent went through it be prepared for negative feedback. My doctor told me something that I will never forget. I was telling her about what people were saying and she said that I need to stay away from negative people and surround myself with people who may not understand but will at least try. Positive people. It also helped me to just say ok, I'm going to just take one hour at a time. Im not going to think about tomorrow and it is hard at first. And if I couldnt do one hour at a time i did fifteen minutes at a time. Although Im going to write tomorrow since its like one in the morning right now about my grandma moving in with me. Because at that point I didnt care if the floor literally fell in and sunk as far as it could go. I didnt care who was there or what they had to say. I just didnt care...... And you know what thats ok. I needed to not care for a while; I had overloaded myself from caring about everyone but myself for so long that it was ok not to care..... I know that now.....

Postprtum Depression II- The worst things I've ever been through

For the past nine years I have tried to put postpartum depression out of my mind. It was the hardest time in my life and I cant seem to get past it. I cant afford a therapist so I'm going to write about it and share my story. My story is long and I remember almost too much about it. But with the hope of just helping one person get through it I'm going to write about it. I guess although I think about it allot, the thing that bothers me is that so many women go through it and are afraid to talk about it. Well don't be with me. I don't care what people say about it being in your head or all of the other things. Its real and its not funny. You do get better but when your going through it you feel completely alone, even when you have people around you. And to be fair they really don't know what to do, but at the time I took it as most of them didn't even care. It was my problem. And when you are that low it is hard to come out of it without help. The biggest help will be to talk to someone who has had it. Or it was for me.

I knew that i was not feeling right before i had my last child. And since I'm calling the this the truth i will tell you that before i had her i was on antidepressants and anxiety medication. I went off all of it when i found out that i was pregnant. When I got home i was sooo sick and i called the doctor; he said it was just from such a long labor. God i wish i would have been wiser. I had a fever and it turned out that i had staph infection. I literally fell in my mom and dads door. This was with my 12 and 10 year old. Allot of this is going to be hard to share; The medication kept switching, so i would get on one it wouldn't work then go through with drawls, or i thought i was and then try another one. Please realize that this is what i remember. I was trying to take care of the baby, I was so sick. I remember sitting above my moms heater breast feeding the baby. I should have had her on formula but the doctors wanted me to keep trying to feed her. I was shaking and trying to get warm over that heater. Finally, I just didnt care anymore. I loved my kids so much and had always taken really good care of them but I just couldnt. I did have the sense to get to my moms. She started taking care of the kids. Thank God. I remember at night it felt like a dark cloud was just surrounding my body and a horrible sadness fell over me. Laying in my moms bed and listening to that clock ticking thousands of times. Crying uncontrollably for hours and hours. And people think your just feeling sorry for yourself when you say you want to die. I didnt really but you do feel like a burden. I always think of anxiety and the depression and i used to compare my brain to a ball full of marbles. You try to just get one marble; which would be a thought; and you cant grasp it. you are overloaded and so many things are going through yur mind that its hard to just talk about one thing. I still have that problem so dont get mad if i skip subjects once in a while. lol.

TheTruth:Postpartum Depression & Anxiety Attacks

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